Hi, I'm Dawn. I am a senior user experience and user interface designer. I have a clean and minimal style with a keen eye for detail. I'm influenced by Bauhaus, Swiss Design, and good typography.

If I'm not sitting at my desk I'm probably out climbing hills on my bicycle, racing cyclocross, or listening to podcasts while running experiments in the kitchen.

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“Dawn is a very talented, and to my mind, very natural UX/visual designer. I mean to say her brain processes task flows, user journeys, and interactions in a very organic and instinctive way. She is adept at utilizing and leading teams through techniques like: card sorting, persona creation, interaction/reality mapping, and many others. Dawn is great fun to work with, and she brings with her a calm, steady, and focused intensity to every project she touches.”
—Matthew Hamm
UX Designer
“Dawn is a thorough thinker, visualizer, and creator. She has great passion for clean design with smart design principles. Her attention to detail proves invaluable throughout the UI and UX process. Dawn plans and executes well to the final design.”
—Chris Meyers
UI/UX Designer
“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and managing Dawn Andres for the past two years at CREDO Mobile, and we are all very sorry to see her go. If you have the opportunity to hire or work with Dawn, know that she is a thoughtful designer, a gracious collaborator, and an articulate writer. She approaches deadlines with urgency, and details with care. She is well versed in the tools of the trade, both print and web, and works efficiently under tight deadlines.”
—Iran Narges
Graphic Designer / Art Director
“I could talk up many of Dawn's skills: her graphic design acumen, her eye for detail, the solutions she frequently reaches for problems in presentation, her ability to produce both online and print pieces speedily and accurately, and so on. But what I would most like to address is her incredibly good-natured attitude while dealing with all of the above. In a fast-moving workplace, with decisions constantly being made to scrap one project or drastically change another, Dawn handles it all with grace and aplomb. Anyone this easy to work with is a huge asset, and we'll miss her here on the CREDO team.”
—Christopher Dare
Editor and writer